Preakness Post Analysis 2006

Doghouse Confidential Preakness 2006

Preakness 2006 Results Chart

It was a sad day for racing when Barbaro pulled up shortly after the start.  True horseplayers never want to see that, irrespective of whether they had wagered on that particular horse.  Surprisingly, Barbaro seems to be making a recovery.  Let's hope he survives the very difficult operation and post recovery.  He has a long way to go.

What a terrific horse.  I thought like many others that he had a very legitimate chance to win the triple crown.  Even when he was hurt, he knew it and did everything to help himself.  Give me Edgar Prado anytime.  He is a class act and a genuine horse lover.  He really did save Barbaro's life.

With regard to the race, we had it almost right.  I thought that Barbaro may even improve off the Derby win.  My view was that he was running against four horses that didn't belong, and three tired horses that couldn't keep up.  We picked Bernadini to complete the exacta with Barbaro.  Bernadini was an improving and rested horse.  He ran really an unbelievable race and won easily.  I have no doubt that he and Barbaro would have been in the exacta one way or another, but we will never really know.  If you look at the spread between the first four finishers, you can see that the race really fell apart.  If Hemingway's Key beat Brother Derek, you know that the Brother is tired.

As you know, I had a computer crash and didn't post the Doghouse until later in the day of the Preakness.  I bet what I said i would: $80 exacta with Barbaro over Bernadini and $20 reversed.  Of course, I didn't collect on the bet which was about the furthest thing on my mind at the time.

However, irrespective of the good news with Barbaro's successful surgery, I did get another positive out of the race.  I received an IRS Form W-2G from NYRA Telebet for $810, half of the Pik4.  I couldn't believe that the Pik4 paid $1620 (I bet $24).  I had both Barbaro and Bernadini in the Preakness, so I cashed.  I expected about half of $400 so when the Pik4 came in at $1620, I was thrilled and shocked.  You guessed it.  I am using the winnings to buy a new computer.

Onto the Belmont which is shaping up to be a good betting race.

Mr. X