Kentucky Derby Analysis 2006 (Continued)
by Mr. X  

Contenders as of March 2, 2006

Here is a list of primary Kentucky Derby Future Wager contenders based on 3f final time and energy distribution.  There was no consideration of final time.  I will add and subtract horses as time passes.  What is interesting is the horses that are missing from the list because they have not shown that they want to run longer.  They may be added in the future, but this is the list in alphabetical order as of the 3/2/2006 date:

Tier I

Name Last Race Dist 3f Final Time (sec) Energy Distribution
Bluegrass Cat 2/18/06 9f 37.4 67.39%
Bob and John 2/4/06 9f 37.2 67.45%
Corinthian (did not run) 2/2/06 9f 36.8 66.99%
Great Point (did not run) 2/4/06 9f 36.6 67.21%
Itsabouthechase (did not run) 2/4/06 9f 37.8 67.60%

Tier II

Name Last Race Dist 3f Final Time (sec) Energy Distribution
Steppenwolfer 2/25/06 8f 37.8 67.57%
Sweetnorthernsaint 2/4/06 8f 37.5 66.35%

The last two haven't shown that they can run at 9f so the jury is still out on them.  There are two other horses who have yet to run a mile, Keyed Entry and Latent Heat, so we will label them as question marks.

Because I am writing this on March 5, I am aware of the races run this weekend, most notably Corinthian.  While he was disqualified, he did run a big race.  On the other hand, First Samurai didn't look anything like a classic horse.

I will update these contenders as information becomes available to me.  In any event, I will update the entire group again at the third Future Wager Pool time.  Good luck, and may the horse be with you!